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Deciding to leave

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May 2010

I’m unsure of the exact date, I don’t really care, I’m faced with a cheap, plate filling, sprawling breakfast from Beckett’s Bank, Leeds that’s absorbing most of my attention right now. It’s the kind of challenge I can cope with.

Today I face the world with a stomach full of deep fried carbohydrates dressed up as protein, hoping for something better out of life, and a healthier breakfast.

I worry about significance; I invest little into this world I inhabit therefore my significance barely registers. The 2010 UK Election votes are just being counted, no outright victor is anticipated, the inadequacies of democracy rule again. I really couldn’t care who wins, I never voted. Sometimes I don’t want to be registered. I’d be appalled if I contributed towards such an unhappy place in any detectable way. Let them trundle along without me, I’m insignificant anyway.

I don’t now the difference between an audit and an inventory, but both are types of taking stock of something. An inventory of my life would produce little in the way of achievements, accolades or awards; it certainly wouldn’t fill much beyond a scrap of notepaper, worthy only of being disposed of; carelessness, badly placed ambition and a general lack of interest has resulted in the accumulation of not much. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I had a house once, it nearly killed me. I had a job once, it nearly killed me. I had someone I loved once, he nearly killed me. Got some amazing friends though, got some cash too. So, in taking stock of my life, I got some mates, got some cash, got indigestion waiting to happen and no reason to stay. Today is the day I decide to leave. I really have had enough.

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